Insert details from Outlook 2007 meetings into your OneNote 2007 Notebook

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Are you keeping your meeting minutes in OneNote 2007?  Well it would be a great idea to put all the details of the meeting at the top of your OneNote 2007 page right?

Well you can stop opening up Outlook, double clicking on the meeting, copying the details, opening up OneNote, finding the right Notebook and the right page… and then paste (what a relief!)

So how can you save all that pain?

1) Make sure you have Outlook 2007 open!

2) Open up OneNote 2007 and find the page you want to work on

3) Click on the “Insert Menu”

4) Click on “Insert Outlook Meeting Details”

5) Select the Meeting you want to insert

6) Click “Insert Details”


This inserts a great summary of the meeting into your OneNote 2007 Notebook, including the name of the meeting, the Date and Location, the Attendees, and any of the details you included in the original meeting request.

What a great time saver!

‘till next time!

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