How to Wrap Text in Excel 2007

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Have you ever had a little bit too much text to fit into a cell in Excel 2007.  Maybe it is a description of a product, a company name, or simply lots of information you need to see without having to resize your columns!

Well there is an easy way to ensure you can see all that information when you need to.  You need to wrap your text!

What is wrapping text?  Wrapping text simply breaks the text into multiple lines, instead of one long line, and it is really easy to do!

How do you do it?

1) Select the cell (or cells) in which you want to wrap the text

2) On the “Home” tab in the Ribbon, look for the “Alignment” group

3) Click on “Wrap Text”

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One thought on “How to Wrap Text in Excel 2007

  1. Is it possible to wrap text into next row in excel? please help. I encode the lesson plan of my wife. she wants to copy all the format (2 columns and rows) with line.


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