Advance slides automatically in PowerPoint 2007

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Are you lazy like me and feel that clicking your mouse to change slides in PowerPoint 2007 is not a good use of your time?

Maybe not!

… but maybe you just want a series of slides to advance automatically whilst you talk to your PowerPoint deck.  Well with PowerPoint 2007 it is easy.

1) Select the slides you want to have automatically advance

2) In the Ribbon, online make sure you are on the “Animations” tab

3) Look to the far right hand side, ailment and make sure you check “Automatically After”

4) Beside that checkbox, cialis enter the number of seconds you want to the slide wait before it automatically transitions to the next.

Simple as that!  Whilst you are there, you can also change the transition – whether you want a fade, dissolve, wipe, push and cover, or stripes and bars – just choose your favourite from the transition gallery!

‘till next time!

12 thoughts on “Advance slides automatically in PowerPoint 2007

  1. Do you have a sound file embedded in it?

    If you do have a sound file embedded, do this:

    a. Go to the 1st slide where you have the sound file embeded.

    b. Select Animation

    c. Select Custom Animation

    d. Click on the Sound icon inside the slide.
    On the right side of the screen, click on the pull-down menu for the sound object.

    e. Select Effect Option

    f. Under the “Stop Playing: After”, enter 99.

    g. Click OK.

    Hope you can understand the above. It is difficult to explain without pictures embedded.

    I dont know why it works but it works. It is the same solution for the previous version of PPT. Microsoft is nuts!!


  2. Thanks Bruce! That is so retarded. Even with automatic timings, I had to adjust the settings from “manual transision” to “advance with timings if present.” Whats the point?

  3. Thank you kindly, pulling my hair with this one… Stange I would not think that had anything to do with changing slides..but it does! Too weird…

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