Get productive with Office 2007 in 2009

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In this weeks edition of’s Office 2007 newsletter, we focused on a few articles that could help you get a big productivity boost in 2009.

Here are a few to get you thinking about how you can be that 10% better in the new year!


Create your 2009 Calendar with Word 2007

So, the new year is just a few hours away… time to crack open the calendars your relatives gave you for Christmas right!

But what if you didn’t get any?

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Organise your Inbox with Outlook 2007

Is your inbox overflowing like mine?  Want to know how you can you quickly focus on what you need to action?  Well here is a nifty way to do it.

In Outlook 2007, you can organise your emails using views.  What is a view you say?  Basically think of it of a different way to look at all the emails you have.

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Follow up Flags and the Default Reminder in Outlook 2007

There have been dozens of comments recently on my previous post about Changing the default reminder time in Outlook 2007.  The comments are not about the default reminder time for appointments… but rather the default reminder time for follow up flags.  The concern being that it is really strange that the default is 4pm and it seems there is no easy way to change that to something more acceptable (like 8am)

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How to find any Office 2007 Command you Want!

Is there a feature of Office that you KNOW exists… but can’t for the life of you find it?

Maybe it was an old feature you remember from Word 2003, or Excel, or PowerPoint.  They didn’t cover it in the course that work sent you to, you can’t find it in the help file, and Google hasn’t returned any results!

Panic?  Not quite yet!

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Do you have an Office 2007 Productivity Tip?  Email and let me know – and you could share the limelight as I will share the best in the next edition of the newsletter!

’till next time!

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