Page Templates in OneNote 2007

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So you have been using OneNote for a while, and have an appreciation for what a fantastic productivity tool it is.  Well are you ready to get even more out of OneNote 2007?

Did you know that OneNote 2007 is jam packed with templates that can make your life much easier.  Now I will be the first to admit that some are there just to look pretty (like all the different coloured backgrounds you can have… “Red Chalk” anyone?), but there are plenty that have real business (and students, academic) value and should be checked out.  For example:

Academic Templates for OneNote 2007

  • Simple Lecture Notes
  • Detailed Lecture Notes
  • Lecture Notes and Study Questions
  • Math/Science Class Notes
  • History Class Notes

Business Templates for OneNote 2007

  • Project Overview
  • Simple Meeting Notes 1 (and 2)
  • Informal Meeting Notes
  • Personal Meeting Notes
  • Detailed Meeting Notes
  • Formal Meeting Notes

Planning Templates for OneNote 2007

  • Simple To Do List
  • Prioritised To Do List
  • Project To Do List

So how do you get your hands on these templates?  Lucky for you they are already loaded in OneNote 2007 for you.  To access them, simply:

1) Click “File”

2) Move your mouse over “New”

3) Click on “Page from Template…”

4) Look to the right and select the page template you want.


Looking for more OneNote 2007 Templates?

The fantastic thing is that you can also get more page templates for OneNote 2007 from Office Online.  So if you are after a calendar, more planning, reporting or meeting templates – even address books!, you can find them all there – simply click the link on the Templates Taskbar in OneNote 2007, or visit Office Online.

‘till next time!

2 thoughts on “Page Templates in OneNote 2007

  1. awesome post! its so convenient! 🙂
    one thing that i’m still confused on is Noteone able to apply a template on pages where we had already typed before we thought about applying for a template onto it. I’m pretty sure with powerpoint we are able to apply a template background to it even after we finished typing everything for it. Is it possible with Note one?

  2. Recently switched out my hard drive. On old HD, am trying to locate my folder of OneNote templates that I set up. Have found the Stationery folders that are original to OneNote, (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\ONENOTE\12\Stationery) but can’t find mine! Any suggestions where that folder would be hiding?
    Any help would be appreciated!

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