Only Print a Section of your Workbook in Excel 2007

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So you have a really big spreadsheet… but you only want to print a little bit of it to show a colleague?  You could print the whole worksheet and just take the page that you want and throw the rest of the paper out recycle the rest of the paper, or there is a much more environmentally friendly, and more productive way of doing it!

How to set the Print Area in Excel 2007

This is really easy.  To start, simply select the data you want to print.  Then:

1) In the Ribbon, go to the “Page Layout” tab

2) Look for the “Page Setup” group

3) Click on “Print Area”

4) Click on “Set Print Area”

Now when you go and print your worksheet, Excel 2007 will only print the section you just selected.  Very cool!  If you ever want to print the whole worksheet again, you need to clear the Print Area.  Follow the process above, but at the last step, instead of clicking “Set Print Area”, click “Clear Print Area”

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