Display your photos in a PowerPoint 2007 Photo Album

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WARNING:  THIS TIP POTENTIALLY COULD SAVE YOU HOURS!  Seriously, unhealthy phlebologist this has to be one of the biggest time saving features in any Microsoft product in the companies entire history. 

Have you ever wanted to display photos in a presentation with a bit of text?  Maybe it is a presentation of all your photos from the work team building event, price your child’s 21st, buy information pills or you just have dozens, hundreds, or heaven forbid… thousands of photos you want to display in a PowerPoint presentation.

There are two ways you could go about creating your presentation.  The INCREDIBLY LONG WAY, or the quick way!


The incredibly long way

1) Open up PowerPoint 2007

2) Pick your slide design and theme

3) Insert every photo individually

4) Resize them individually

5) Caption them individually

6) Add picture effects to them individually

… that is a lot of work for anything more than 10 photos… in fact it is hard work for less than 10 photos!


The quick and very preferred way!

1) Open up PowerPoint 2007

2) On the Ribbon, click on the “Insert” tab, look for the “Illustrations” group, and then click on “Photo Album”.  You want to select “New Photo Album”

3) In the box that appears, click on the “File/Disk…” button and simply browse for all the photos you want to add to your presentation

4) Select all the options you want.  If you want to put captions below all your photos, make sure you check that box.  Pay special attention to the layout you wan to use as well.  You can have one picture per slide at full screen (very nice, no need to resize!), or you can have multiple images per slide.  If you are going for multiple images, make sure you select a frame shape to go around your images, as it will make your presentation look far more professional.  If you can’t decide on a shape, use the “Simple Frame, White” one – you will not be disappointed 🙂

5) Make sure you select a theme for your presentation

6) When you are ready, click “Create”


So… on paper it looks like the same number of steps right?  WRONG.  Instead of doing the same 6 task to each and every one of the photos you want to include, by using a PowerPoint 2007 Photo Album you let PowerPoint do all the hard work for you, across each and EVERY photo you want to include, automatically!

Potential Time Saving!

Seriously, say you have 150 photos from an event you want to put in a presentation to play over dinner – if you do it the long way, it could take you 2 – 3 hours depending how quick you are with the mouse.  Using a PowerPoint 2007 photo album that could take just 30 seconds! 

How good is that!  I thought you would like it!

’till next time!

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