Create your 2009 calendar with Word 2007

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So, the new year is just a few hours away… time to crack open the calendars your relatives gave you for Christmas right!

But what if you didn’t get any?

Well did you know you can create your own calendars nice and quickly with Word 2007!

All you need to do is to open a new document by clicking on the “Office Orb” (the old file menu in the top left hand corner of Word), and then clicking “New”

On the New Document dialog box that appears, you will see down the left hand side a wide range of templates that are available to you.  Down in the “Microsoft Office Online” section, you will find a “Calendars” option – click on that!

Word will connect to Microsoft Office Online, and give you a wide variety of calendar options.  For your 2009 calendar, click on “2009 calendars”.  For other options such as multiple year calendars, simply click on those.

Once you click on “2009 calendars” you will see a few dozen different options to choose from – different calendar structures and different calendar designs.

My favourite, especially if you want to add your own pictures to the calendar is the “2009 Picture Calendar Featured at Office Online”.  Great for family pictures!

’till next time!

One thought on “Create your 2009 calendar with Word 2007

  1. Does this facilily also allow for changes in week start day, ie. Friday. Doe it also allow me create future sheets upto 2015


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