Borders the EASY way in Excel 2007 – Just draw them!

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Wow… I was busy working away today (on New Years Eve!) and discovered a really easy way to get nice looking borders on the cells you want in Excel 2007.

Instead of selecting the cells, going up to the Font Group and playing with the Borders buttons, did you know you can simply DRAW your borders onto your spreadsheet!

All you have to do to draw your borders in Excel 2007 is:

1) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab in the Ribbon

2) Look for the “Font” group

3) Select the drop down arrow beside the “Borders” button

4) Select one of the “Draw Borders” options from the bottom of the menu.

My three favourite Draw Border tools in Excel 2007 are Draw Border, which allows you to quickly get a border around a group of cells, Draw Border Grid, which draws you (as the name suggests) a grid, and finally Erase Border, which you guessed it, helps you erase your border!

So next time you want to make your spreadsheet more professional with borders the EASY way, make sure you check out the Draw Border features.

’till next time!

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