Capture your New Years Resolutions with OneNote 2007 and Outlook 2007

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Well… hasn’t 2008 gone quickly!

Now that Christmas is just past us, now is the time to start thinking about your new years resolutions.

Most people usually say the same thing every year… I am going to exercise more… I am going to work less etc etc.  But most of the time by mid-February you are already way off track.

The key to a good new years resolution is to be specific, and to write it down somewhere so you are reminded of it.  What better place to do that than in OneNote 2007!

Here is how to make a record of your resolutions… AND be reminded to actually work on them.

1) Write your resolutions in OneNote

2) Tag your resolutions with a specific tag from (you guessed it!) the “Tag” button.  If your resolution is to do a generic task, tag it with a “To Do” tag.  If it is a little more specific – say, watch a movie… then tag it with the “Movie to See” tag.  There are dozens of tags you can choose from to give you a visual cue regarding your resolution.

Easy so far right?  Well, now with a little help from Outlook 2007, we can now be reminded throughout the year to work on our resolutions!

3) In OneNote 2007, you will see a “Task” button just to the left of the “Tag” button in the menu.  By selecting one of the “Task” options for your resolution, it can now appear as a task whenever you open Outlook.  So now whenever you are checking your email, your calendar, or your task list… you will have a gentle reminder to work on your new years resolutions, throughout the year.


So there you have it, you really have no excuses not to achieve your resolutions this year!

’till next time!

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