Organise your Inbox with Views in Outlook 2007

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Is your inbox overflowing like mine?  Want to know how you can you quickly focus on what you need to action?  Well here is a nifty way to do it.

In Outlook 2007, you can organise your emails using views.  What is a view you say?  Basically think of it of a different way to look at all the emails you have.

In Outlook 2007 there are a number of views you can “view” your emails with:

  • Messages
  • Messages with Auto Preview
  • Messages from the Last Seven Days
  • Unread Messages in a particular folder
  • Messages sent to me
  • Messages in a timeline (very cool!)
  • and some more complicated views like Outlook Data Files, and Documents

So how do you change the view of your inbox?


  1. Click on the folder you want to organise (ie your Inbox).
  2. Click on the tools menu
  3. Select “Organize”
  4. In the window that appears, click “Using Views”
  5. Select your favourite view

If you want to get really tricky you can create your own custom view by clicking the “Customize Current View” button in the top right hand corner of that box.  You can customise your view with different fields, group by’s, sorts. filters and other settings.

How cool is that!

‘till next time!

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