A fresh new look at The New Paperclip

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Hi all,

TNP here.  Hope all my friends in North America have had a fantastic Thanks Giving holiday… and for those of you in other parts, hope life is treating you well.

Those of you that have been here before will notice that I put a new lick of paint on the site over the weekend – I hope you like the new fresh look.

Hopefully little changes like increasing the font size, and more white space will make it easier for you to quickly read and understand exactly what you need to do to solve your Office 2007 problems!

Thanks again to everyone who visits – we are talking 10s of thousands of you every couple of weeks… I certainly appreciate your support

Whilst talking about your amazing support… if you have any suggestions for topics, or how we can improve things around here.. please drop me a line via the comments section below!

’till next time!

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