Add a Border to a Page in Word 2007

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So you are putting together your Word masterpiece!  Maybe it is a poster, or a document announcing a big event… and you want to make a big impact!  Well one way to do that is to add a border to your page.

So how do you add a border to a page in Word 2007?

It is soooooooooooo easy!

  1. Click on the “Page Layout” tab in the Ribbon
  2. Look for the “Page Background” group
  3. Click on “Page Borders”
  4. Select one of the preset border settings that appear down the left hand side of the dialog box
  5. Play around with your line style, colour, line width, and artwork until you find your perfect border
  6. Click ok!

It is that simple!  Now you can impress your colleagues, family and friends with your fantastic page borders!

But wait!

Did I mention that one of the art options is Christmas Trees!  What a perfect page border for this time of year!  Make sure you look for it in the “Art” dropdown box.

’till next time!

2 thoughts on “Add a Border to a Page in Word 2007

  1. Can you please tell how to add border to a page in EXCEL 2007….Thanks, I hope you will understand my question and would be able to answer Soooooooooooooo easily!!!!

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