What is a .docm file?

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The other day a friend of mine called up and asked… “I know the new file format for Word 2007 is .docx, but today I came across a file with the .docm extension.  Do you know what it is?”

Here is the answer I gave him…

In Word 2007, you can save your work as a .docx, which is just a standard Word 2007 document.  However, if you have built macros into your document, you are best to save it is a Word Macro Enabled Document, or a .docm. 

So to answer your question… a .docm file is a special Word 2007 document that contains a macro

(for those who are unfamiliar with macros – they are a set of recorded actions that you might regularly use in Word 2007, that you can play back at any time, therefore increasing your productivity)

Just a word of warning though.  If someone you trust sends you a .docm file, and you know what it is, you should be fairly safe opening it.  However if you don’t know who is sending you the document, and don’t know what you should expect when you do open it, the safest thing to do is not open it.  Some unsavory people out there try to do malicious things with macros – so best be on the lookout.

‘till next time!

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