Set Image Transparency in PowerPoint 2007

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So you want to insert an image in your PowerPoint presentation… but there is one BIG problem.  The image you want to insert has an ugly blue background, but you really want it to be white just like the slide!  How can you turn this graphic design disaster around?

Well it is very simple – as long as that background is a solid colour.  Here is how…

1) Insert your image onto your PowerPoint 2007 slide

2) Click on your image

3) Notice the “Picture Tools – Format” tab has now appeared in the Ribbon.  If it is not already selected, make sure you click on it now.

4) Look for the “Adjust” group

5) Click on “Recolor”

6) Click on “Set Transparent Color”

7) Click on the Colour in your image that you want to be transparent

That is it!  Now your pictures and other graphics can look really nice on your PowerPoint slides… and not amateurish like they might have before!  And you can impress your boss 🙂

Talk about a quick win!

‘till next time!

6 thoughts on “Set Image Transparency in PowerPoint 2007

  1. Greetings,
    I have tried transparency option on an image and it worked, when I try it on a shape, the recolour option is not displayed. Please help….
    Hem Shailabh Sahu

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