TNP Live at OfficeDevCon08 – the aftermath!

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You may have read about it a few weeks ago, but last weekend yours truly had the opportunity to present at an event called OfficeDevCon08, in Sydney Australia.

I delivered two presentations – and because I am such a nice guy I have decided to share them with you all 🙂

The first presentation I delivered was about comparing all the different business productivity suites that are out there in the market.  I called it the “Office Suite Smackdown!”

The second presentation I delivered was all about the frustrations that we all face when we first move to Office 2007, and how to avoid them.  I called it (funnily enough) “The 10 Most Common Office 2007 User Frustrations, and how to avoid them”.

Make sure you check the presentations out (thanks to!) – however due to my presentation style they might seem a little confusing without your old friend The New Paperclip jumping around in front of a projector!

So… you like what you see and want to see one of the presentations delivered at your next conference / training day / birthday party?  Make sure you get in touch with TNP’s alter ego (Paul Woods) via email –

’till next time!

PS. A big hello to Microsoft MVPs Lucy Thomson and Glen Millar, as well as Microsoftie Alistair Speirs for their sparkling repartee over beers on Saturday night 🙂

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