Create drop down lookup lists in Excel 2007

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Are you a small business person who wants to create a great looking business card?  It is really easy with Microsoft Office Publisher 2007.

Here is how you do it!

1) Open Publisher 2007

2) On the “Getting Started with Microsoft Office Publisher 2007” page, this more about look on the left hand side.  You will see a column with the heading “Publication Types” at the top.  Look down the list and about 6 down you will see “Business Cards”.  Click on it

3) In the main part of the window you will now see a variety of designs for your business card.  There are newer, cialis 40mg more contemporary designs at the top, more info and more classical designs down the bottom.  Take a good look at each, and pick your favourite.

4) In the right hand column, there are a number of options for your business card.  You can customise it with a different colour scheme, and a different font scheme.

5) Still in the right hand column, look for the “Business information” drop down box.  If this is the first time you have created a business card, your only option will be “Create new…”.  Select “Create new…” and a box will appear for you to enter your business card information.  Once you are happy with all your details, click save.

6) If you are happy with all your decisions, click the “Create” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

7) Once your card is created… check all the details, and then hit print!

Now you have a business card you can be proud of!

’till next time!

You may have read about it a few weeks ago, recipe but last weekend yours truly had the opportunity to present at an event called OfficeDevCon08, viagra in Sydney Australia.

I delivered two presentations – and because I am such a nice guy I have decided to share them with you all 🙂

The first presentation I delivered was about comparing all the different business productivity suites that are out there in the market.  I called it the “Office Suite Smackdown!”

The second presentation I delivered was all about the frustrations that we all face when we first move to Office 2007, and how to avoid them.  I called it (funnily enough) “The 10 Most Common Office 2007 User Frustrations, and how to avoid them”.

Make sure you check the presentations out (thanks to!) – however due to my presentation style they might seem a little confusing without your old friend The New Paperclip jumping around in front of a projector!

So… you like what you see and want to see one of the presentations delivered at your next conference / training day / birthday party?  Make sure you get in touch with TNP’s alter ego (Paul Woods) via email –

’till next time!

PS. A big hello to Microsoft MVPs Lucy Thomson and Glen Millar, as well as Microsoftie Alistair Speirs for their sparkling repartee over beers on Saturday night 🙂

Ever wanted the users of your spreadsheets to fill in cells using only a certain number of options.  Say you had a list of States… maybe numbers from your General Ledger… or Product Categories.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic, website instead of making people remember the correct names (and spelling) of each… that we could just give them a nice little list of options to pick from to populate the cell?

Well in Excel 2007, this site that is really easy!  Here is how to go about it.

Using Data Validation to create look up lists in Excel 2007

There are two ways to go about this… the simple way, erectile if you only have a few options… or the less simple way 🙂


The Simple Way 

1) Click on the cell you want the look up / drop down list to appear in

2) Go to the “Data” tab in the Excel 2007 ribbon

3) Look for the “Data Tools” group

4) Click on “Data Validation”

5) In the box that appears, on the “Settings” tab, set the Validation criteria to allow “List”

6) In the “Source” text box, type in the options you want to make available (and remember to separate them with a comma!)

7) Click ok

8) Check out how unreal your drop down box in Excel 2007 looks!  And go tell your friends how easy it was!!!!


The Less Simple Way

I call this less simple simply because it is still pretty simple.  This method is best if you will have a long list of options that might already exist in your spreadsheet, or a list that you would want to regularly update.

Basically all you need to do is follow “The Simple Way”, and when you get to step 6, instead of typing in the options you want to make available, simply select the cells in your spreadsheet that contain the values.

So there you have it – drop down boxes… look up lists… whatever you call them… made easy in Excel 2007.

’till next time!

13 thoughts on “Create drop down lookup lists in Excel 2007

  1. Can you have the drop-down show a word, but once that word is selected, have the cell populate a number (that would obviously have to be linked somehow to the word)?

  2. Hi.
    Can I create a list which will automatically populate a corresponding cell from a data table?
    I.E. I have a list of customers paying by either cash on the day or invoice. When I select the client (in column A), I would like Excel to automatically populate the cell (in column B) from a linked table whether the client pays cash or invoice??????? Thanks! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the above tip. I’d always used drop-down lists in Access but never tried them in Excel. 2 queries, though:

    1. Can I have a list residing in an external spreadsheet?
    2. if the list contains 2 fields (eg product code & product description) can the drop-down list populate 2 separate (non-adjoining) fields in my spreadsheet?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  4. Is there any way to select/highlight a word in Word 2007 and when you right click it, it gives you an option to search that word in google? or outlook 2007? both? I need that.

  5. Thanks – first way worked fine for me. It was better because it enabled me to enter choices that had not yet been used on the worksheet.

  6. I created a drop down list from a set of pre-exisitng cells and used the “Format Painter” to copy the format down to hundreds of cells where there were existing values.

    I need to make a change to my list and for all the cells to reflect the change. Is this possible?
    Can I force them to update?

  7. I have a drop down box but cannot find the list to make changes? How do I find the list?

  8. Hi,
    That’s a good one.
    Can any one help me to select a table of 8rows and 4 columns using drop down menu?

    I mean if a select a name from a drop down menu, I should get the table of content in that name???

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