How to set up a new Groove 2007 Account

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So you have opened up Groove 2007 for the first time.  Well before you can start collaborating you have to create a new account.  So lets see how we do it!

First – Open Groove 2007
Hmmm… seems obvious doesn’t it!

Second – Unblock your firewall (only once)
Chances are you are on Windows Vista, you will be running Windows Firewall on your machine. If this is the first time you have opened Groove 2007, (and Windows Firewall is on) a dialog box will appear asking you to unblock Groove.  Trust me when I say it is in your best interests to do so (if you want to use Groove that is!)

Third – Create your new Groove Account
By now you should see the Microsoft Office Groove Account Configuration Wizard.  Click on the “Create a new Groove account” radio button then hit next.

The next screen will ask you if you have a Groove Account Configuration Code.  If you are using Groove at work your systems administrator may have a Groove Account Configuration Code for you.  Best that you check with them before going any further.  If you are using Groove at home, or only a few of you in your organisation are using Groove, you can select the third option “I don’t have a Groove Account Configuration Code” and click next

On the next screen, simply enter your personal details – name, email address, password and password hint.  When you are ready to proceed, click next

A dialog box will appear telling you to hang on a second whilst Groove configures your account.  This should only take around 10 seconds.

On the final screen of the Microsoft Office Groove Account Configuration Wizard you will be asked if you want your account to be included in the Public Groove Directory.  Basically this enables you to be discovered by other Groove users all around the world.  Select your preferred listing level, and then click “Finish”.

If you want to get up to speed quickly on the in’s and out’s of Groove, make sure you click “Yes” on the box that appears asking if you want to watch the “Getting Started Movie”.

So there you have it – How to set up your new (non-corporate) account in Groove 2007.  Easy!

’till next time!

5 thoughts on “How to set up a new Groove 2007 Account

  1. Use the system configuration tool:
    Goto run and enter:


    Then goto the startup tab and deselect Groove

  2. You can prevent anything from appearing when you open your computer by going to Start -> Run -> msconfig -> startup and unchecking the appropriate box.

  3. I use Groove at work and I tried to use it at home. I export my account to a file, I load it to Groove back home and it asks for an account password. The problem is that nobody remembers the account password, how can I recover it?

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