The New Paperclip LIVE! at OfficeDevCon 08

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I was surfing the net tonight, neurologist buy and totally out of left field I found an article on that I thought you would love to read.

Did you know that you can use your Nintentdo Wii Controller to control your PowerPoint 2007 presentations?

It is a little tricky to set up, but once it is you simply need to flick your Wiimote to the left or to the right to control your slides.  HOW COOL IS THAT!

You can read more about it on

’till next time!

Are you going to be somewhere near Sydney, emergency Australia in mid November?

If you are, and are interested in all things Office, make sure you get to OfficeDevCon08!

From the blurb… “OfficeDevCon is the first Australian community-driven event aimed squarely at Microsoft Office developers and power-users.  It allows people with interests across the Microsoft Office platform come together in one place to network and hear expert presenters speak on a wide range of advanced Office-related topics”

Well guess what… one of those expert presenters will be your’s truly… The New Paperclip.

In fact, in reality it will be my alter-ego… the guy behind The New Paperclip… Paul Woods

Paul will be presenting TWO sessions that should not be missed – especially if you work in Corporate IT.  Here is a quick outline of each presentation…

“The Office Suite Smackdown”
Saturday 15 November – 3:00-3:50PM

Office might seem like the obvious choice… but recently the competition has heated up for desktop productivity suites.  Your manager might be asking about alternatives like Google Docs, Open Office, Corel Wordperfect or Zoho Office.  In this session we compare the alternatives to Office 2007 from a users point of view – to help you pick the right tool for your organisation.

“The 10 most common Office 2007 user frustrations… and how to avoid them”
Sunday 16 November – 9:00-9:50AM

Don’t want your whole organisation angry with you because you forced them to use this horrible steaming pile of Office 2007 software?  It is a lot easier than you think to ensure a smooth and pain free transition to Office 2007 – it isn’t about buying 400 page dummies books, or just pointing people to the help button.  Simply by making sure you anticipate the most common questions up front you can win most of your potential battles.  In this session we will look at the most searched for answers by hundreds of thousands of frustrated Office 2007 users at… and see how you can ensure your people don’t end up asking YOU those questions.

So what do I need to do to attend these presentations?

Simple.  Go to and register your spot.  Tell them that TNP sent you!  And make sure you catch up with me at the bar on Saturday afternoon!

’till next time!

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