The Student’s Guide to Word 2007

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So are you at School, College, University or other Education Institution and have just upgraded to Office 2007?  Are you getting stuck on those education specific things like References, Bibliographies, Footnotes, Citations and more?  Well here is a quick guide to help you with your next assignment.

In Word 2007, all of these features are grouped together under the "References" tab on the Ribbon.

On the References tab you will find

  • Table of Contents
  • Footnotes
  • Citations & Bibliography
  • Captions
  • Index
  • Table of Authorities

Lets take a closer look at the ones that you are most likely to need to use…

Table of Contents in Word 2007

In almost every project or assignment you will need a Table of Contents.  In Word 2007, creating a table of contents is really easy – in fact it will do it automatically for you – as long as you do one thing whilst you type your document… use heading styles.

You know what I am talking about – Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and so on.  You can find them on the "Home" tab of the Ribbon. 

Word 2007 is smart enough to figure out that because you set a certain part of your text as "Heading 1" for example, that it is important enough to be a entry in your tale of contents!

If you do that throughout your document, all you need to do to add your table of contents is simply…

1) Go to the "References" tab in the Ribbon
2) Look for the "Table of Contents" group
3) Click on "Table of Contents" and select your favourite style

Footnotes in Word 2007

So you want to use Footnotes to tell your teacher/lecturer/professor/reader about the source of certain facts or opinions which you have used in your assignment?  Well in Word 2007 it is REALLY easy!

1) Click on the word that you want the footnote to refer to
2) Go to the "References" tab in the Ribbon
3) Look for the "Footnotes" group
4) Click on "Insert Footnote" button
5) Type in your footnote!


Citations and Bibliography in Word 2007

Back when I was in high school, I used to hate writing my Bibliographies!  It was just too complicated.  And then when the teachers told me about different ways you could write them – they made it even worse!

Luckily Citations and Bibliographies in Word 2007 are really easy.

Say you want to refer to a book somewhere in your assignment.

1) Click on the "References" tab
2) Look for the "Citations & Bibliography" group
3) Click on "Insert Citation"
4) Click on "Add New Source"

On the box that pops up, there are a bunch of fields that you can fill in about the book you are referring to.  To make sure the teachers do not come back at you for missing information, make sure you tick the box that says "Show All Bibliography Fields"

Once you fill in all the details about your book (most of which you will find on the inside cover), click OK.  You will notice a citation appear in your document.

If you have a pile of books that you know you are going to cite, and want their details into Word 2007 before you type too much, make sure you click on "Manage Sources" and add all the books or documents you like.

Now if you want to cite a book you have already used – it gets even easier.  Simply click on "Insert Citation" again, and you will notice all the books appear in the menu – just click on the book you want to cite and away you go!

… but what about the Bibliography you say?

That is easy too.

1) Click your mouse where you want the Bibliography to appear in your Word document
2) Click on the "References" tab in the Ribbon
3) Look for the "Citations & Bibliography" group
4) Click on "Bibliography"
5) Click on the style of Bibliography or "Works Cited" that you like

Take that teacher!  Bibliographies made EASY!

Captions in Word 2007

Do you have pictures in your assignment?  It is always good to put a caption near them to ensure your teacher or professor knows what the image is all about.

To do so, click on your picture… then:

1) Click on the "References" tab in the ribbon
2) Look for the "Captions" group
3) Click on "Insert Caption"
4) Type in your caption
5) Click "OK"

That was easy.  But here is the easiest bit.  If you need to include a "Table of Figures" in your assignment, all you need to do is click on "Insert Table of Figures" and look in awe at your amazing Word 2007 skills!


So there you have it – The Student’s Guide to Word 2007.  Hopefully the above tips will help you get that A+ on your next assignment!

’till next time!

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