Make working in Excel 2007 easier on your eyes! Zoom to Selection

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If you have spent more than five minutes in Excel… you know that your eyes can quickly start to hurt.  I mean looking at the default view of Excel when I open it (at my current screen size), I can see 38 rows and columns A through S – 19 columns… or 722 cells!  That is a LOT of information to take in if you use them all (and trust me, I use them all, and more!)

So what can you do to reduce your eye strain using Excel 2007?  There is a great feature called "Zoom to Selection"

What is Zoom to Selection?  Exactly what it sounds like.  Simply select the area you are working on, whether it is one cell, twenty cells, or two hundred cells, click "Zoom to Selection, and then breath a sigh of relief as your eyes magically feel much better!

So where can you find Zoom to Selection?

1) Click on the "View" tab in the Excel 2007 Ribbon
2) Look for the "Zoom" group
3) Click on "Zoom to Selection"

’till next time!

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