Get Outlook 2007 to connect remotely WITHOUT connecting to a VPN

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In my day job (yeah.. this Paperclip can’t live off giving you Office 2007 help yet!) I always got frustrated when I tried to check my corporate email from home or on the road.  My office is essentially my laptop, and wether I am on my ADSL connection at home, or on my 3G Wireless connection, whenever I wanted to check my email using Outlook, for security reasons (I am guessing) I needed to connect to work through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Very annoying!

But then I discovered a great way to get around that!  It is called "Outlook Anywhere" and is probably the hardest option to find and change in Outlook 2007!

For those interested in the details (from a popup box in Outlook 2007)… "Microsoft Office Outlook can communicate with Microsoft Exchange over the Internet by nesting Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) within HTTP packets." 

Woooo too technical for me… but what that basically means is that you don’t need a VPN connection, you just need access to the internet!  How good is that.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Click on "Tools", then "Options"
  2. Click on the "Mail Setup" Tab
  3. Click on the "E-mail Accounts…" button
  4. On the "Email" tab, click on your email account, and then click "Change"
  5. Click on "More Settings"
  6. Click on the "Connection" tab
  7. In the "Outlook Anywhere" section, check the box that says "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP"
  8. Click on "Exchange Proxy Settings…"
  9. Type your companies "Outlook Web Access" address in the "Connection Settings" box.  For example, it could be
  10. Click "OK" about 15 times to close all the windows
  11. Restart Outlook

And there you go – probably the most complicated menu structure in Outlook 2007, but when you find it, it is absolute GOLD!

Now go out and enjoy that extra 30 seconds I have given you every time you want to check your email!

’till next time!

8 thoughts on “Get Outlook 2007 to connect remotely WITHOUT connecting to a VPN

  1. I tried to do this on my home PC for my work Exchange server mail. The first place I got lost was clicking on my email account and clicking “Change”. All I have on my home email would be POP3 mail and none of them are related to my work.

    Do I create a new profile with my work information? I tried to do that and use my work web exchange address and it said Exchange server is not available.

  2. Thanks for the post, it is nice but for me the published web address for the Outlook Web access is https://MyOWA/Exchange

    and the /Exchange was not accepted so I had to remove it but it did not want to work without it!

    Do you have an idea about a solution for this problem?

    Thanks and Regards.

  3. I was trying to do this but for some reason once I get to the Click on the Connections tabs, I don’t see anything like the “Outlook Anywhere” section. How come?

  4. Richard, you must have SP2 or higher for windows XP, and try installing SP2 for OFFICE 2007, then you might see the box.

  5. I think I’m close, but in the lower right corner it states that I am disconnected. Do you check any other boxes and what proxy authentication setting are you using

  6. I will write up the solution in detail and post on my site but to answer a few peoples questions (although a few months too late):

    You must set up your Outlook Exchange Account with your company BEFORE you will see the Outlook Anywhere option.

  7. Your info assumes…..that Outlook anywhere (OWA)is enabled or even allowed.

    We do not allow ANY remote email conectivity. Those that need email uses the VPN, no IF’s AND’s or BUT’s! We do not allow it and this helps keep us safe!

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