Want to open a .ppt or .pptx file but don’t have PowerPoint?

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Have you ever wanted to open a PowerPoint deck that a friend of co-worker has sent you (you know the files – the ones with .ppt, or .pptx on the end)… but you don’t have PowerPoint 2007 on your computer?

Well there are two options – you can go out and by PowerPoint 2007(and all the other parts of Office 2007)… or you can simply download the FREE PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

PowerPoint Viewer 2007 doesn’t let you edit a PowerPoint file, but it lets you look at the presentation!  How cool is that (and seriously… what do you get for free these days!  NOT MUCH!)

’till next time!

8 thoughts on “Want to open a .ppt or .pptx file but don’t have PowerPoint?

  1. this is amazing! worked really well for me! now i can view popwerpoints even when i don’t have powerpoint installed on my computer. this was a great help. thaks very much! 😀

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