How to find ANY Office 2007 command you want!

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Is there a feature of Office that you KNOW exists… but can’t for the life of you find it?

Maybe it was an old feature you remember from Word 2003, or Excel, or PowerPoint.  They didn’t cover it in the course that work sent you to, you can’t find it in the help file, and Google hasn’t returned any results!

Panic?  Not quite yet!

Here is a neat little trick that I learnt from Tim Anderson over at ITWriting.

  1. Go to the Quick Access Toolbar (you know the one beside the big Office button (the old file menu!))
  2. You will see a little arrow that points down – click on it and then “Customize Quick Access Toolbar”
  3. Click on “More Commands”
  4. In the “Choose commands from” dropdown box, select “All Commands”
  5. Scroll through the list to find your long lost friend!

Simple as that! Kudos to Tim @ IT Writing for a fantastic find!

’till next time!

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