Add Horizontal Lines in Word 2007… the EASY way!

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I was surfing over at today and stumbled across a great trick that you will find really handy!

In the post John Kolbert explains how Word 2007 interprets dashes, dots, asterisks and more and turns them into different horizontal lines – very cool indeed.

Do you want a simple horizontal line? Type 3 dashes in a row (“—“) and hit enter

What about a thicker line?  Type 3 underscore lines in a row (“___”) and hit enter

So what you say!  What about something trickier like a double line?  Type 3 equals signs in a row (“===”) and hit enter.

There are a few other types of lines that you can create using this great trick – check out the rest of the post for more information.

’till next time!

7 thoughts on “Add Horizontal Lines in Word 2007… the EASY way!

  1. How does this work ? I type in three dashes and then press enter and I just go down to the next line underneath

  2. I appreciate that you took the time to put this out here and have kept it up for us slow adapters! It was just what I was looking for.

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