Remove recent documents from Word 2007

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Are you a little worried by some of the names of the documents you have recently opened in Word 2007?  Scared your boss might catch you out updating your resume, working on your next novel or simply working on things that you shouldn’t?  Well this little trick will help you out!  Basically, how to get rid of all those recent documents that Word 2007 lists for you.

  1. Open "Word Options" by clicking on the Office Button, and then looking for the "Word Options" button
  2. Click on the Advanced Section
  3. Scroll down to the "Display" Section
  4. The first option in the "Display" Section is "Show This Number of Recent Documents" – set that to "0"
  5. Click "Ok"

There you have it – no more recent documents means no more strife from your boss! 

But just in case you have a change of heart in the future, you can turn on recent documents again simply by changing the "0" to something like "5" or "17", depending on how many you want to see.

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