How to wrap text in Excel 2007

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Are you like me and tend to write lots and lots in your cells in Excel 2007?  It might be a good idea to make the text wrap.

What does wrapping text mean?  Basically it is where you take one long line of text, and make it "wrap" around onto a number of lines instead.  That way you have a nice readable block of text, instead of the line that goes on forever.

How to you wrap cell text in Excel 2007?  Simple!

  1. Select the cell with all the text
  2. In the ribbon menu, on the "Home" tab, look for the "Alignment" group
  3. Click on the "Wrap Text" button.


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4 thoughts on “How to wrap text in Excel 2007

  1. Wow, this did the trick. I didn’t want to keep extending the cells for over a page and text-wrap solved the problem. Thanks so much!

  2. This doesn’t solve the problem for me, I have to make an invoice and want to merg the cells bleow for invoice description and the above cells will be remain split in coulums, now with merge and center, the “wrap text” command doesn’t work any one help with this?

  3. This works for me! I figured it out, and now my cells look a whole lot better to me and the people that read them! Thanks!

  4. I think the real answer to this question as I finally discovered is that it’s the button in the upper right corner of the alignment portion of the tool bar which unfortunately does not reveal the words “WORD WRAP” when the cursor is held to it. Perhaps providing the icon so people can find the darn thing would be even more helpful than any “explanation”. Thanks anyway.

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