Add a background image in Excel 2007

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Do you want to pretty up your spreadsheets just a little?  Why not add a picture in the background!  It could be a company logo, a nice relaxing beach landscape or a picture of your kids… whatever it is… it is really simple to add a background image to your spreadsheets in Excel 2007

  1. Open up your spreadsheet
  2. Click on the “Page Layout” tab on the ribbon menu
  3. In the “Page Setup” group, click on the “Background” button
  4. Select your image

Simple as that!  Now you have a nice background to complement your hard Excel work!

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6 thoughts on “Add a background image in Excel 2007

  1. I’m trying to use a picture as a background for a word document. This is done
    by selecting “Page Layout, Page Color, Fill Effects, Picture” on this tab you
    can select the image to set as background. Unfortunately both options “Lock
    picture aspect ratio” and “Rotate fill effect with shape” are both grayed
    out. Consequence is that picture isn’t displayed propperly if you zoom
    document. Furthermore the document isn’t printed like it should. The
    background image is printed either very small or very large.

    Is there anyone who knows why these options are grayed out???
    I can’t seem to find any sollution for this problem…..

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