Change the default reminder time in Outlook 2007

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It has happened to the best of us.  Your day is going along great, and then all of a sudden you get an Outlook reminder… a reminder for that meeting you totally forgot about.

Now you just have 15 minutes to salvage something out of nothing and impress the boss/wife/colleague/all of the above.

Don’t want to get caught out again?  Apart from memorising your entire calendar every morning and keeping an eagle eye on you watch (unlikely)… why don’t we just increase the default reminder time.

Its quite simple actually!  In Outlook 2007, all you need to do is:

  1. Click on “Tools”
  2. Click on “Options”
  3. Look on the “Preferences” tab, in the “Calendar” section (second from the top)
  4. Select your preferred reminder time from the drop down box.
  5. Click ok

If you think you are a hotshot… set the reminder to 0 minutes.  If you are a lost cause, maybe 2 weeks is more appropriate 🙂

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Are you like me and need more than 15 minutes to prepare for those meetings you ALWAYS forget about?

68 thoughts on “Change the default reminder time in Outlook 2007

  1. Can any one help me to solve this problem

    Outlook is not picking my computer timing.
    For example computer time is 2:30 PM and i received a message in outlook and the received time is 3:45 Am. Please let me know how solve this issue.

  2. Set default reminder in Tools-> Option.
    But remember to uncheck the “All day event” when creating event. Then it’ll choose the default reminder you set.

  3. Been there, done that, I just could not remember how! Thanks for your help! Your directions for changing the default reminder time in Outlook worked perfectly!

  4. I do field service work and the program used to receive service calls now adds an appointment for that call into Outlook 2007.

    I know about changing the default reminder but I do not want to change reminders for ALL appointments….only these particular appointments. All these appointment subjects begin with a service event number. Is there any way to filter reminders for these particular appointments?

  5. I work in field service. Our service application now loads the service event in our Outlook calendar. Not such a bad thing, except that the reminder pop-ups are a nuisance.

    Is there a way to filter these events (they all have the unique service event number as the subject) in order to either set the reminder to ‘none’ or delete them altogether?

  6. Is there a way to have the reminder for the invitees go off the day before and the reminder for the inviter to go off 15 minutes before the meeting?
    I am having issues with people forgeting the meeting and calling 5 minutes before to see if there still is a meeting. I just want them to get a notice the day before so they know to be there and not 15 minutes before like I get my reminder to show up. Most of the people that I invite are from outside the company.

  7. Once again, Micro$oft never ceases to amaze me. Another loss for us and a win for them. Look at that code you guys created! Amazing! I would probably do the same thing, if I knew how. It’s funny how we long to fix menial repetitve tasks even if it involves investing more time into work that would decrease it from there on out, although we may never gain back the lost time. But, then again, when we share it, victories are made.

    Anyways, I wanted so voice my Event Reminder Time default fix was at least somewhat resolved with the above by setting my quick-click flag default to Tomorrow, so changes the time to an actual work hour. So thanks.

    For another Microsoft wonder, try saving files to your desktop (in multiple columns) and then shift-selecting the most recently added files. My oh my, Micro$oft; you’re so dreamy.

  8. I came across this issue, and found that if I select a day and use Ctrl+N to open a new appointment then it IS NOT an ‘All day Event’ by default, and the default reminder time is obeyed. If I double-click on day to open an event then it IS an ‘All day event’ and therefore reminder time is 18 hrs.

  9. Hi,

    I have set the default reminder in Outlook based on the advice given. As I wish to remind the receipients of my email of my meetings 15 minutes before the start of my meeting, I had set the default reminder to 15 mins.
    However there are emails that I do not wish to set the reminder, so in every email drafted I select “none” at the reminder setting of the outlook toolbar. Eventhough I do this, the receipient still get the reminder. Can you please advise how to resolve this problem? Thanks.

  10. I would like to be able to set or change the reminder time using the right-click-menu when hovering over an appointment in the calendar. But I can’t – I have to open the item to set / change the reminder time. How do I add that function to the right-click-menu?

  11. 18 hours by default will only occur if you are in Month view. If you change to day or week the 15 min or what ever you specify will be the default

  12. My boss wants a change to 4 week reminders!! any suggestion? Seems that 2 weeks is the max. Any way around this?

  13. I found one more issue with outlook.
    If someone had sent any meeting and he had his default meeting time set to 15 minutes, even if you set the reminder at 1 hour, outlook reminds 15 mins prior to the meeting, even though I want it to be remind me 1 hour prior.

    Anyone have the solution/workaround for this?

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