Center Across Selection – the Merge and Center alternative in Excel 2007

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Yesterday I told you all about how you can use Merge and Center to get some text to run across a number of columns, rows, or both.

Well Jon Peltier quickly got onto the comments box and let us know about an alternative to Merge and Center in Excel 2007 called "Center Across Selection".  It’s just like merge and centre, but without all the hassles that merging cells cause.

Center Across Selection is a little harder to find than Merge and Center, but in true The New Paperclip tradition… I am going to show you how!

  1. Select your text and the cells you want to centre your text over.
  2. On the ribbon, make sure you are on the "Home" tab, and then look for the "Alignment" group.
  3. Click on the little square with the arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the "Alignment" group.
  4. In the "Format Cells" box that appears, look for the "Horizontal" drop down box
  5. Select "Center Across Selection"
  6. Click "ok"
  7. Look in amazement at your perfectly centered text 🙂

How easy is that!  Thanks again Jon for the heads up!

’till next time!



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4 thoughts on “Center Across Selection – the Merge and Center alternative in Excel 2007

  1. But, I don’t want to have it centered, but want to have across the cells with left aligned. So, is there anyway to do that to avoid merge? Currently I am merging the cells and then keep it left aligned

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