Add Slide Transitions to your presentation in PowerPoint 2007

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Do you want to make your PowerPoint 2007 presentation look a little fancier than normal?  Well you can add some very cool slide transitions!

A transition is what happens when you move from one slide to another.  The transition could be as simple as a fade or a dissolve… or it could be much fancier using  a “push and cover”, stripes and bars, or something totally random!

To insert a transition into your presentation, on the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007, select the “Animations” tab, and then look for the very big “Transition to This Slide” group.

The easiest way to add a transition is to move your mouse over one of the dozens of transitions that appear in the transition gallery, and see what it look like (thanks to live preview!).  If you like it, then click on that transition!

Here is an example, where I have put my mouse over the “Newsflash” transition, and I am seeing a live preview of it in the background.  Very cool

So there you have it – an introduction to using transitions in PowerPoint 2007!

’till next time,
TNP 😉 

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One thought on “Add Slide Transitions to your presentation in PowerPoint 2007

  1. Hi,
    thanks for the blog, i guess ill be passing by a lot in the near future.

    im afraid this is not the right place to ask my question, but it was the only result of my search for “stripes”.
    all i ask is how to do the good ol’ stripes or dotted textures?
    even recreating a model of dots or lines and “fill with clipart” gives a crapy result.

    any idea?

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