Set the default font in Outlook 2007

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A question popped up on The New Paperclip forums that I thought I might share with you all….

“How do you set the default font in Outlook 2007?”

It is easy in Word 2007… but in Outlook 2007 it is a little different… but here is how!

  1. Click “Tools” -> “Options”
  2. Select the “Mail Format” tab
  3. Click “Stationery and Fonts…”
  4. On the Signatures and Stationery dialog box that appears, ensure that you are on the “Personal Stationery” tab
  5. Click “Font…”

Then select your favourite font, style, size, colour, and effects… and then click OK half a dozen times 🙂


63 thoughts on “Set the default font in Outlook 2007

  1. I have read several comments on different help sites where people have run into the following issue with Outlook.

    When I set the font for my outgoing new emails under Tools/Options/Mail Format/Stationery and Fonts/Personal Stationery/ and then try and send an email; the font is something other than what was set.

    I have experienced the same issue and I believe I have a fix for this particular problem.

    I believe this problem originates with anyone using HTML as their format for generating emails, and if they are using any Stationery Theme other than (No Theme). What happens is that Outlook pulls from a pre-generated html file that contains the theme information. This file has a pre-set font that for some reason does not get bypassed.

    Example: I am using the Technical Stationery Theme. Outlook uses a file located on my C: drive as its starting place to set up the email. For me the file is located here
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery\Technical.htm

    When you open this file in Word you will notice that the file’s font is probably the font that you are defaulting to instead of the one you want.

    The simple fix is to 1)Find the *.htm file that corresponds to your Stationery Theme 2) Open it so you can edit it 3) change the font in the htm file and then 4) save it with the new font.

    If you do this process above I believe you will have a good chance of fixing or atleast getting what you want.

    To find the *.htm file I simply did a search on my C: drive for Technical.* and then I opened/edited the file in Word.

    Good Luck 🙂

  2. Many of my emails appear in an unwanted “default” font Eduardian Script, which is hard to read. Does anyone know how to change a setting so much of my incoming email won’t come in this unwanted font? Can I set such a default font for incoming email? All of my attempts, including tools-options-mail format-stationey don’t work at all.

  3. thanks that is a great thing, Iam looking for make a default font on my outlook but i didn’t get a good response but here i found what i looked for.. thanx

  4. I use two monitors with my computer, a small one to view the Outlook interface and a larger one to view and draft emails with. The larger one sits a distance and I would like the fonts to be larger as a default. I do not want to have to adjust each view. I am okay if the fonts are large on both screens. I am speaking by the way about the text of messages I have received, and those I am drafting to send out. Is this possible?

  5. For all the frustrated people out there. Maybe you’ve followed all these instructions, and your emails STILL aren’t formatted properly. It is absolutely imperative to uncheck the box that says, “Rely on CSS for font formatting,” under the Mail Format tab, in the HTML format section.

    I was right there with you, my brain about to explode, when I figured out this crucial detail.

  6. I have done with the font, but how to incorporate font colour we like,

    e.g i want this font colour for my text #0000CC

    how to include kindly explain

  7. I had already set my fonts in tools/options/mail format as recommended but it made no difference – when I paste arial font from a word document, Outlook changes the font to calibre, which I have to highlight and change back to arial.

    I say the problem cannot be solved, but thanks for trying. I’ve given up – just another glitch in a Microsoft product.

  8. Change Default Font & Color for Outgoing Emails in Outlook 2007
    If you’re having trouble, try this:
    • In the main screen of Microsoft Outlook, go to any toolbar that is visible near the top and look for “Options.”
    • If you can’t find “Options,” look for the drop-down arrow at the far right of the toolbar—(when you hover over the arrow, the description, “Toolbar Options” will appear).
    • Click the “Toolbar Options” dropdown arrow and hover over “Add or Remove Buttons,” then select “Customize.”
    • In the “Customize” box, select the “Commands” tab.
    • In the “Categories” box click on “Tools.
    • At the right, in the “Commands” box, scroll down to find “Options,” (it’s near the bottom).
    • Drag the word “Options” up into the toolbar.
    • Close out of the box.
    • Now go to the toolbar, click on “Options.”
    • Select the “Mail Format” tab.
    • Click on “Stationery and Fonts.”
    • Under “New Mail Messages,” click on “Font.”
    • Make your selections and click OK in all boxes until you are out of them.

    Your changes should now be in effect for all new email messages.

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