Word 2007 – Send your Document – Share it with the World!

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Do you regularly send your Word documents via email?  I know I do – I spend ages crafting the perfect document/form/report/whatever, and then as soon as I am done I want to share it with my colleagues/the world!

In the old days (before I found what I will call the “Send Menu” from now on) I would create the document, then save it, then I would go to Outlook, create a new email, type in some corny subject, type a quick message “FYI this is my document, hope you like it…” then add the attachment… hang on, where did I save it?  It isn’t in the normal place? Where could it possibly be?  Oh that’s right I saved it on the desktop – drop down that drop down box, click on desktop, then click on the file… then click attach.  Double click the attachment to make sure I go the right one – nope that was the draft version… time to find the real one……..

You get the idea – what should be simple – turns out time consuming.  Don’t worry though, by using the send menu in Word 2007, you can save yourself a lot of trouble!

[NOTE] – this post assumes that you have downloaded the free PDF/XPS plugin for Office 2007.  If you have not downloaded this great plugin – you can learn more here

When you click on the Office Orb (the old file menu) you will find a menu option called Send.  If you have the PDF/XPS plugin installed, you will find four different options.

  1. E-mail
  2. E-mail as PDF Attachment
  3. E-mail as XPS Attachment
  4. Internet Fax

By selecting Send -> E-mail option, Word 2007 will open a new email message in Outlook, with the document as an attachment in Word Format.  If you have saved the document in Word 2007 format (.docx) then the attachment will be .docx.  If you want to send your document to people using Word 2003 or earlier, make sure you save in Word 97-2003 format (.doc) first – then click Send -> E-mail.

E-mail as PDF Attachment
By selecting Send -> E-mail as PDF Attachment, Word 2007 will open a new email message in Outlook, with the document as an attachment in the Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) format.  This is handy if you are sending documents to printers, or if you want to share this document online

E-mail as XPS Attachment
By selecting Send -> E-mail as XPS Attachment, Word 2007 will open a new email message in Outlook, and attach the document in Microsoft’s XPS format

Internet Fax
Finally, by selecting Send -> Internet Fax, if you have an account with one of the Internet Fax providers, you can send your document by fax to any fax machine.  If you have an account – you can also receive faxes via email – very cool stuff!

The above are just a few different ways you can send your Word 2007 documents.  If you are lucky enough to have SharePoint infrastructure in your workplace, there are many many more ways you can share your documents (with things like Workflow!)

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6 thoughts on “Word 2007 – Send your Document – Share it with the World!

  1. I just wish there were also a “Send as Word 2003 format attachment,” as I frequently need to send Word docs to others and can’t rely on them to install the converters.

  2. In the earlier version of Word, I could choose to put the document contents as a body of the email. This was very useful when I editted HTML content in Word and then send it in the HTML body of the email.

    After UPGRADING to word 2007, this feature seems to have been DOWNGRADED (it doesn’t seem to exist). Was this really an upgrade?

    Are there other ways to do the same thing in word 2007? Can anyone help?

  3. I did agree with Ryan Walters, but I’ve found that most people I mail documents to are happy to receive them in PDF instead of in .doc format. Still, the option would be good.

  4. I discovered a way to send the body of a Word doc in an email in Office 2007:
    1. Right click on quick access toolbar
    2. Change “Choose commands from:” from “Popular Commands” to “All Commands”
    3. Find & add “Send to Mail Recipient”
    4. The icon–minus paperclip for attachment–will appear on your toolbar & you can go back to sending doc in the body versus as an attachment.

  5. I’m trying to find a job, just got word 2007 and can’t do much with it. The spacing on my resume is hugh though it’s single spaced, and how do i create a profile in outlook express in order to send it to employers websites? What’s a profile? Does someone live by Manhattan Beach, Ca and can help me with this? I’m taking a class on word2007 and it doesn’t cover any of this and I’m not getting help with the things I need to do a job search with computers and the internet.
    Thank you,

  6. @Karen

    Thanks for the tip. I send out a monthly newsletter for a charity and I was a little worried about how I would do it after the option to send a Word document in the body of an e-mail had disappeared from Microsoft Word 2007. You saved my bacon.

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