Do you have Office 2007 Questions? Get the answers at The New Paperclip forums – now ONLINE!

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Ask your Office 2007 questions at The New Paperclip Forums –

Do you have questions about Word 2007, Excel 2007 or Outlook 2007, but don’t know who to ask?  Are you stumped by something in Access 2007, OneNote 2007, or Visio 2007?  Do you know what to do with SharePoint Designer 2007, Publisher 2007, Groove 2007 or Communicator 2007?

If you have answered yes to any of those – you need to start asking your Office 2007 questions at The New Paperclip forums –

Not only are their forums for all the desktop programs that are in Office, there are also forums for the server programs that make up the Microsoft Office System – SharePoint Server (MOSS), Performance Point Server, Project Server and Groove Server. 

I will be on hand when I can to answer your questions – and most importantly members of the community will also be there to help out.

I look forward to answering all your questions in the near future – start posting them today!!


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14 thoughts on “Do you have Office 2007 Questions? Get the answers at The New Paperclip forums – now ONLINE!

  1. Major flaw for Outlook 2007. I use a signature that has both text and an image and it has worked great in Outlook 2003 emails and would look great on most email clients that viewed my emails with signatures. But, now that I have converted to OL 2007, when I choose the image that I want to go out with the signature it shrinks it significantly, from 72k to 3k and it doesn’t allow me to resize my image. If I click on the picture in the edit box of the signature it shows an arrow icons on the corners and middle sides as if it were to allow me to stretch or resize, but it doesn’t resize the image in either direction. It also doesn’t allow me to choose an advanced edit button that was in 2003 where I could change the HTML code to show alternate text if the image doesn’t show up on the receiver’s email client. Is there a work around? Am I missing an advanced edit tab somewhere? Can anyone else resize the images or use an advance edit to create the HTML. The only thing 2007 does allow you to do is add a hyperlink to the image and that is not enough. Alternate text is very important because information that you would be able to see on the image is written in Alt text. Please help!!!

  2. is there any technical tutorail regarding the drag and drop the webparts into sharepoint designer 2007 Design.

  3. In my PPt i have made some icon’s with heyperlink to next slides with in the ppt. I just want to make use of these icon for transistion to slides, so want to disable the keyboard arrow keys and enter keys. And don even want mouse click if clicked apart from the ICOns to go to next slide. It’s urgent i need to finish my ppt as soon as possible.

  4. I’m having problems viewing attachments that are sent to me. I can see the paperclip on the unopened mail when it arrives but when i open it there are no attachments. Sometimes there’s a blurb about Outlook blocking an unsecure attachment- sometimes there’s nothing. It’s driving me crazy!! ANy thoughts?

  5. How do you insert your name and page number on the top right hand corner of a Word 2007 document? i need help quick before my mom goes on a nagging rampage!

  6. I can’t figure this out either, it seems like a pathetic bug to still be left uncorrected considering how long this product has been out.

    Just another reason why office 2007 is a bloated piece of garbage. Almost everyone on my network has either downgraded back to 03, or declined the “upgrade” because of the complaints from others.

  7. I spent hours trying to find the answer on how to add alternate text in Outlook 2007 but could not find any answers. It made me think that MS just did away with this feature, but then my I.T. manager did a little research for me and found the answer. Follow these steps to first add the alt text to your picture:

    To add the Alt Text button to the Quick Access Toolbar in Outlook 2007, follow these steps:

    1. Start Outlook 2007, and then open an e-mail message.
    2. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Editor Options.
    3. Click Customization.
    4. In the Choose commands from box, click Commands Not in the Ribbon.
    5. Click Alt Text, and then click Add.
    6. Click OK to close the Editor Options dialog box.

    I then was confused on how to add the alt text to pictures in my signatures (since the Quick Access Toolbar is not accessable when you are in the signature editor). I learned that the best way to do this is to create a new message, insert your picture, insert the alt text using the instructions above, then copy this picture (CNTL-C), open the signature editor and paste it there. It copies the picture with the alt text imbedded into it. Not really sure why MS made this once simple task now so difficult, but at least it is still possible to do even if it means a few extra steps.

  8. I accidentally copied a document which has over written the similar named document. How to undo the overwritten document to its original form.

  9. The image in my Outlook 2007 signature has alternative text configured properly in it, but when I respond to a message sent to me that was forwarded in plain text, such that Outlook automatically formats my response in plain text as well, it doesn’t *use* the darn alternative text configured into the image. This is exceedingly annoying, because in this case the image is my company’s logo and name, so when I respond to a plain text message, my company name disappears from my signature.

    In other words, if my HTML signature looks like this:

    Jonathan Kamens
    *company name graphic*
    company address

    It looks like this when converted to plain text:

    Jonathan Kamens
    [there’s a blank line here]
    company address

    This is sort of sucky, to say the least.

  10. I am working on updating a mailmerge piece that worked beautifully in Publisher 2003 but in 2007 I am losing two pieces of text – not mail merge – just regular pieces of text – that are disappearing. I have tried everything I can think of but only the first mail merge document prints correctly. The following 2000 are missing this text.

  11. I have a 3 different collum in excel where the data is in numerical as well alphabetical, i want to add all those data in a single collum

  12. Hi, I have an enquiry, when I want to copy a powerpoint slide with text and images from Powerpoint 2007 and paste it to Outlook 2007,it became an image thats unable to edit and the images’ alignment is all mess up which is totally different situation when I paste it into Outlook 2010. When I paste the powerpoint slide into Outlook 2010,it can be edited for eg, resize,realign the image,edit the text. Is there any way for Outlook 2007 to perform the same as Outlook 2010?

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