How to show and hide codes in Word 2007

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Are you formatting your Word 2007 documents, but are struggling to remember if you used tabs or spaces, or where you used an indent or a paragraph break – then “Codes” are your answer.

By turning on “Codes”, you can see graphically all of the formatting you have applied to your Word 2007 document.

Codes in Word 2007

For example, in the screenshot above where we have “Codes” turned on, you can tell that wherever there is a “dot” there is a space, wherever there is a “arrow pointing to the right” there is a tab etc.  Very powerful information to have when trying to get the layout of your Word 2007 document to look just right!

So how do you show or hide codes in Word 2007?

  1. On the “Home” tab of the Ribbon, look in the “Paragraph” group.
  2. Click on the icon that looks like a backwards ‘P’, in the top right hand corner of the group
    How to turn codes on and off in Word 2007
  3. To turn the codes of again (hide codes) in Word 2007, just click the Codes button again.

So there you have it – Word 2007 Codes 101.  Next time you are working on the layout or formatting of your document = turn those codes on!  It makes life so much easier.


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6 thoughts on “How to show and hide codes in Word 2007

  1. I know in Word XP and Word 2003 the keyboard shortcut for this command is Ctrl + Shift + 8 (or I guess you could say Ctrl + *).

    I dunno if this functionality is still available in Word 2007 though.

  2. Ctrl + Shift + 8 is indeed what the instructions should show. I just tried Ctrl + 8 without shifting and it did not work. Although * = Shift + 8, you generally refer to @ as Shift + 2 or @, not Shift + @.

    Therefore, the instructions would be clearer if they were written as Ctrl + Shift + 8, which reflects the actual key presses better.

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