Find and Replace in Word 2007

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Do you always find that you know you have typed a word somewhere in your document, but after reading through it you have no idea where it is!

Or do you need to make a change to a word throughout your entire document… but you do not want to do it manually tens or hundreds of times?

Find and Replace in Word 2007 is your next best friend πŸ™‚

To find a word in Word 2007:

  1. On the “Home” tab of the Ribbon, go to the “Editing” group, and select “Find”… or use the shortcut key CTRL+F
  2. Type the word you want to find, then press enter

If you want to make a change to a specific word, you want to use the replace functionality.  To replace a word/s in Word 2007:

  1. On the “Home” tab of the Ribbon, go to the “Editing” group, and select “Replace”… or use the shortcut key CTRL+H
  2. In the “Find what” text box, type the word you want to find
  3. In the “Replace with” text box, type the word that you want to replace the original word with
  4. To replace words one at a time, click “Replace”, if you want to replace every occurrence of the word in the document, click “Replace All”

You can do some pretty fancy things with the replace functionality in Word 2007.  For example if you clicked the “More” button before replacing all the words, you can make changes to fonts, colours, styles, paragraphs, tabs, languages or even highlight the words that you are looking for!

Just remember, after you use replace all, make sure that you proof read your document again, just to make sure that it reads well.

’till next time,

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19 thoughts on “Find and Replace in Word 2007

  1. This article ought to be called “Find and Replace in Word,” not β€œFind and Replace in Word 2007,” because as any user should know, this function is nothing new. (Likewise with your previous article, “How to Show and Hide Codes in 2007.”)

    Your subtitle is “It looks like you upgraded to Office 2007.” If you want this to be a valuable resource, then stay on topic and write articles about new Office 2007 features.

  2. I agree Kurt – but this article was more to ensure that people knew where to find it in the Ribbon (obviously different from where they would find the features in Word 2003 or earlier. Not everyone is a power user like yourself.


  3. OK. I sit corrected, and a tad embarrassed.

    What I was focusing on was your completing each ribbon explanation by offering an alternate keyboard shortcut (as in: “…select ‘Find’… or use the shortcut key CTRL+F.”

    A better and more positive point to make is that while the new ribbon is a different and (I believe) more intuitive tool than the old menus and toolbars, it is nice to know that Microsoft has maintained the original keyboard shortcuts for use during the learning process.

  4. I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have to do a Group Research paper for a college class (Word Processing) and the part of the report I am doing is on Similaritys and Differances between Microsoft Office 2007 vs. Microsoft Office 2003. I need some ideas of places to look on the internet. I have looked on Microsoft’s Wedsite and that is some help but I need more information.

    Thanks Virginia

  5. Have you checked this page “” ? This plus new UI (Fluent) plus new file formats plus new default font are enough to write solid report IMHO.

  6. I’m new to MS Word 2007/2010 so was very happy to find out where this was stored in the ribbon. I also use the hot key Shift F4 to repeat my finds on a page rather than having to keep going to control F and next, etc.

  7. I was looking for help with Word 2010. The 2007 of find and replace didn’t change at all, in my experience as all you had to do was choose Control F and it would bring up the command. However, in 2010, it’s a completely different command and it replaces in all caps, which is a real PITA and typical of MS to change something that worked well to something that doesn’t.

  8. hello, i wanted to replace a sign “Εƒ” with “Θ›”. i used this function, of “find and replace”, and the program is replacing with capital “Θ›”, like this: “Ț”. why??:( what can i do to have them “Θ›” instead of “Ț” ?

  9. To the best of my knowledge, in “Word 2010”, CTRL+F serves as for opening the vertical Navigation Pane [known a “Document Map” in former versions].
    In “2010” in order to pop-up the traditional Search-dialog, press: CTRL+H and move to the Find tab.

  10. Hi there, I am try to make a macro with a command button for a user. I have a word that needs to be replaced and I want the user to type a word in a text box and the original word will be replaced by whatever the user types into the text box.
    Im struggling to link the replace with (Replace.text) with say a Replace.textbox? Or something like that.
    Can anyone help?

  11. I cannot find the place to change tabs in an existing 2007 document. And I also cannot find where the “Table of Contents” update is. Personally I don’t think the new “ribbons” are “INTUITIVE” AT ALL!!! THEY LEAVE MUCH TO BE DESIRED IN THE NAME OF USER FRIENDLY.

    Please help.

  12. I’m using Word 2007. I have used “replaced All” for years and about a week ago somehow now when I look to “Replace All” it doesn’t replace anything and shows “0 replacements”. Is there some setting that may have been changed after an update that I can change so I can do this?

  13. I do like the fact that I can use this feature but what I dislike is the fact that once I use it I cannot use the page advance function…it remains ble and I cannot skip page by page again…in other words once AI use the feature I cannot get out of it…unless there is something I do not know about disabling it…Is there?

  14. When I use highlighting in Find and Replace, all the highlights go off when I make a correction. In every case I have to repeat the instruction to highlight. Is there a way of keeping the highlights on when making orrections?

  15. I’m having a problem with find and replace not working in my WORD file. It says the word is not found, when I’m looking right at it. I downloaded an article and am looking for all the key words so I can highlight them and it’s not finding any word I search for. Any help would be appreciated.

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