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The worst part of software evaluation is having to wait for ages whilst you download all the different trial versions that you want to look at.  Office 2007 is no different, with most trial versions being in the hundreds of megabytes region!  Talk about a bandwidth hog!

But there is a much easier, faster, and less painful way to try out each of the Microsoft Office 2007 system products – even those niche ones like SharePoint Designer 2007,  OneNote 2007, Visio 2007, Project 2007, and even InfoPath 2007!  It is called the 2007 Microsoft Office Test Drive.

The Test Drive is a virtual environment that you can view from your web browser! (delivered via Citrix for those who want to know the technical side of it).  Using the Test Drive is exactly like using the trial software if you had installed it on your own machine – only you don’t have the hassle of installing (and eventually uninstalling) all your favourite Microsoft Office 2007 programs.

The best part about the Office 2007 Test Drive is that it comes packed with tutorials for each of the products that you can evaluate.  This feature alone is fantastic because you can get up to speed very quickly on each of the Office 2007 products, and make a fair and informed decision as to the benefits that the products will have to your productivity, your business, or your employees.

You can find the 2007 Office System Test Drive on Office Online.  And remember when you have played with the products, come back to The New Paperclip to dive deeper into each of them 🙂

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