Create a Master Page in Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

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Anyone who is serious about building a professional, efficient and most importantly… a great looking Intranet or Website hosted on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 NEEDS to know about Master Pages.

For those of you new to web design, “Master Pages” allow you to have a consistent layout throughout your entire project, without having to do some fancy coding!  I guess the best way to think of master pages is as a template for the way your whole site looks.

How do I create a Master Page in SharePoint Designer 2007?

  1. Click “File” -> “New” -> “ASPX”.  This will create the file that we are going to work with
  2. Click “Table” -> “Layout Tables”.  This will allow you to build a layout of your master page (what your website layout will look like!) using tables.
  3. Look towards the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  You should see a “Layout Tables” pane.  Down the bottom of that pane there is a section called “Table Layout”.  In this section there are a variety of common layouts that are used on professional websites.  Have a look through each of the layouts and select your favourite.
  4. Add the standard content you want to be in each part of the Master Page.  For example, you might want to put a copyright message in the footer, a page title at the top of the page etc.
  5. Now we want to set up a content region.  Click where you think you will have most of your content on your page… most likely the middle cell of your layout table.  Click “Format” -> “Master Page” -> “Manage Content Regions”.  Type the name you would like to call it (in the screenshot example, I called it “middle”, but you could call it main, or content, or whatever you like!).  Click “Add”, and then click “Close”


  6. Click “Save”.  When saving, you need to make sure that you are saving it as a master page.  To do that, click on the “Save as type” drop down box, scroll down a little, and click on “Master Page”.  Then give your page a file name and click “Save”

There you have it – your first master page in SharePoint Designer 2007!  If you want to add more content that you would like to be consistent across your entire website or intranet site – simply continue to add that content to your master page!  How easy is that!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Create a Master Page in Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

  1. Actually it didn’t work with me.. could u please tell me more..

    i did everything u said but.. i had this error

    “Warning: The selected master page has no approved version. This site may appear to be broken to users without the view versions right in the Master Page Gallery. ”

    Need Help !!

  2. What he said probably worked. You have to approve published documents. To do so:

    Click Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Modify All Site Settings
    Click Master pages and page layouts
    Click the down arrow next to your .master file
    If Check In is an option, click Check In
    Click OK
    Click the down arrow next to your .master file again
    Click Publish a Major Version
    Click OK
    Click the Down arrow next to your .master file
    Click Approve/reject
    Click the Radial Button next to Approved.
    Click OK.

    Check your page out again.
    If that did not work, click the down arrow next to your .master file for the fourth time.
    Click Manage Permissions
    Make sure that Portal Members have Read rights.
    If they do not, Click New –> Add Users
    Type Portal Members in the Users Section
    Click OK
    Click Read in the Give Permission Section.
    Click OK.

    This should address both permission issues and approved version issues.

  3. Thats great info. Thanks.

    How do I now add the Documents, Links, Discussions items down the left hand side that you would normally see in SharePoint?

  4. Hi, thanks very much. This is great! Can you please show me how to add another page to it? And how do I preview it in my browser? I am using explorer 8. When I click on the preview in Browser, it says edit browser… please help. thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks for the great Sharepoint Master Page information. Can you also provide step by step instructions to add a second page with edit capabilities.

    I tried adding a second page but was not able to edit the main body of content where I want to add different information from the Master Page.

  6. why can’t i make a web site like i could in Front page with a sample site then publish it in IIS7?
    i’m pulling my hair out here with this app

  7. if there is many sheet on ms office 2007 and we just want to show a single sheet of in landscap and remaining as portail

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