How to get around the Office 2007 Beta Timebomb

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Did you wake up this morning and realise that the early Office 2007 beta version you were running no longer works?  The 1st of February marks the date that beta 1 versions of Office 2007 around the world expire.  Stop working. Cause Havoc

But… exclusively to The New Paperclip… THERE IS A SOLUTION!  Just like the “Colonels Secret Herbs and Spices”… this is one of the closest held secrets in the IT world

You can access the secret (totally legal) solution by clicking here.  Feel free to spread the word, it will take ages for Microsoft to close this loophole down!

’till next time!


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2 thoughts on “How to get around the Office 2007 Beta Timebomb

  1. Funny, but it really did suck the day my Beta kicked the bucket and I was home from work due to an ice storm. Made it even worse having to wait for Microsoft to ship the media, and for their eOpen site to finally function properly and give me my keys. All in all, it was about 7 days of downtime and I had to revert back to our copy of Office 2003 🙁

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