Office 2007 is now available!!!

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Now that Office 2007 and Windows Vista are now available for all of us at home… (the consumer launch is at Midngiht tonight!) it is time to purchase your copy today!

Get onto Amazon.Com, pick up your copies of Office and Vista, and check out all the Office 2007 Books that have been released in the last few months.  Hopefully over time I will review a few of them and publish here – if you purchase a book, let me know your thoughts and I will share with the rest of the world 🙂

For all of you interested in following the consumer launch of Microsoft Office 2007, and Windows Vista, there is a great site on which outlines all the details, including a webcast by Bill Gates… at 1:45PM PST Monday 29 January.

As all the advertising says… the WOW starts NOW!  It is going to be a very exciting couple of days!

’till next time!


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