Times New Roman vs Calibri… the Word 2007 Default Font Showdown

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One thing you will notice when you open up Word 2007 for the first time, (or PowerPoint 2007, Excel 2007, Outlook 2007.. basically any Office 2007 product) is that Times New Roman is NO LONGER the default font!  Times New Roman has been replaced by a SAN SERIF!!! (That’s one with no feet for those playing at home) font by the name of Calibri.

I will not pass judgement today on which is the better font… because it depends entirely on what you are doing with your document.  Traditionally Serif fonts (the ones with feet) like Times New Roman were better for printed documents, and Sans Serif fonts (no feet) are better for documents to be displayed on screen.  Is Microsoft making the assumption that most documents are now viewed on screen and not printed?  In a commercial environment I would suggest that is very accurate (do you print all your emails? and all your word documents at work???).

That being said, it looks like Calibri is making its way into more and more places… even before the release of Office 2007.  Check out any of the coverage of the Australian Open Tennis Championships taking place at the moment… the “Melbourne” text on the court looks as though it is in Calibri! (or something very very close to it!).

But that begs the next question.  What if you don’t like Calibri?  How do you change the default font in Word 2007 to something that you like?  It is much easier than you think!  Here is a quick tutorial to get you started!

  1. On the “Home” tab of the Word 2007 Ribbon, in the font group, select the “More Options” button.  See the image below if you don’t know which button that is.

  2. On the Font Dialog box that appears, simply select the font, font size, font style, font colour etc that you would like to be the default, and then select the “Default” button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  It will ask you if you really want to change the default font, and of course you want to click yes.  If you have selected your default font as “Comic Sans MS”, I would encourage you to click NO!!!!! at that stage 🙂

So there you have it, a quick introduction into Typography, Default Fonts, and what will soon become everyone’s favourite font (by default)… Calibri.

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53 thoughts on “Times New Roman vs Calibri… the Word 2007 Default Font Showdown

  1. I HATE this Calibri font. I work in an office, I need Times New Roman, Size 12. And what is worse, Word absolutely refuses to let me permanently change the default template to TNR. As soon as I close Word or have to reboot, that d*#n Calibri Size 11 comes right back up again.

  2. Absolute horror. No matter how many times I change the default style, the hated Calibri keeps bursting out of its cage. The WORD designers have committed many crimes against humanity, but this is surely the worst.

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