Turn on Bcc in Outlook 2007

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… everyone who has ever worked in an office knows that Blind Carbon Copy (or Bcc as it is usually referred to) is how most organisations operate.  Without Bcc you could not spread rumors, embarrass your colleagues… 🙂 whoops I mean you could not inform others of important business communications whilst protecting their identity.

The problem is that by default, you will not find Bcc when you start a new email.  Bcc is turned off.  But it is simple to turn Bcc on and get back into the most important part of the work day… the office politics.

To turn on Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) in Outlook 2007…

All you need to do is:

  1. Start a new email
  2. Click on the “Options” tab in the Ribbon
  3. Click on the “Show Bcc”

Simple as that.  If you get to the stage of your career that you don’t care about office politics anymore, and want to turn Bcc off, simply got to the Options tab again, and click Show Bcc.  This will remove the Bcc field when you write your email.

The final result

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8 thoughts on “Turn on Bcc in Outlook 2007

  1. thanks. helped in consulting my boss, while on the pc with office 2003. hate that 2007 is not possible to look like 2003.

  2. what if ihas been disabled by the administrator. i can still produce it but i have to click on the intvite list so a box opens.

    Theyhave disabled the view function of BCC

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