Getting started with Word 2007 – The Ultimate Guide

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So you have just purchased a version of Office 2007 (or your boss just made you upgrade your PC at work!), and want to get up to speed quickly on exactly how to use Word 2007.  No sweat – here is the ultimate list of great posts to help you get your head around exactly how to use Word 2007 – fast!

I would start with the first couple, and as you build your confidence, start tackling some of the more advanced tutorials.

When you first start using Word 2007 – read…

  1. What happened to the File Menu? Help with the new user interface in Office 2007
  2. Screencast: Introduction to the New Ribbon UI in Word 2007
  3. Word 2007: Undo
  4. What are Galleries in Office 2007?
  5. Printing in Word 2007

Once you are comfortable, move on to…

  1. Need more Clip Art in Word 2007?
  2. Inserting a Table in Word 2007
  3. Find and Replace in Word 2007
  4. Word 2007: How to add page numbers to your documents
  5. How to Change your Page Orientation (Portrait vs Landscape) in Word 2007
  6. Breaks in Word 2007 – Page, Column, Text Wrapping and Section Breaks
  7. Word 2007: Page Layout Deep Dive Tutorial
  8. Word 2007: What is the Prepare Menu? Deep Dive
  9. How to Superscript text in Word 2007
  10. Show and Hide Codes in Word 2007
  11. Insert a Drop Cap in Word 2007
  12. Track Changes, and Comments in Word 2007
  13. How to save your Word 2007 document as a PDF
  14. Word 2007 – Send your Document, Share it with the World!

And once you are an absolute power user of Word 2007…

  1. Word 2007: Start Word 2007 without the Splash Screen
  2. Shortcut keys in Word 2007
  3. Word 2007: Minimise the Ribbon (Minimize the menu)
  4. More than just word count – All the document statistics you want in Word 2007 using Status Bar Configuration
  5. Word 97 Look and Feel, with Word 2007!
  6. Lorem Ipsum and other random filler text in Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Excel 2007
  7. Screencast – Extending the Office 2007 UI with a Custom Ribbon

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So there you have it – remember if you have trouble with anything in Word 2007, post a comment and I will try to write a tutorial especially for you! 

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