CSI at home with Visio 2007 and the Crime Scene Template

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Stumbled across this absolute beauty of a Visio template today.  Strictly speaking this will work with Visio 2007 as well as earlier versions like Visio 2003… but I just had to blog about it.

Crime Scenes with shapes – Visio Template

That’s right… you can now play CSI at home, without the dangerous explosions, car chases or other potentially life ending catastrophes that happen on the TV Series.

The Visio Crime Scene template, which you can download from the Microsoft website, contains all the things you need to recreate your favourite crime scene – bodies (with movable arms and legs), separate arms and legs (!), weapons of all varieties (shot guns, pistols, shell casings, clips, even nunjuks!!!), pools of blood (small, large, or trail)… even a king size bed for those domestic disputes.

You can find the FREE Crime Scene Template, as well as many other great Office 2007 templates to download from Microsoft Office Online.

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