Inserting a Table in Word 2007

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Inserting tables in Word 2007 has changed slightly from previous versions of Office, however it really is a piece of cake with the new Ribbon user interface, and my favourite feature of all… live preview!

  1. On the ribbon, click “Insert” (because we want to “Insert” a table)
  2. Click on the “Table” button,  and a grid will appear below it.
  3. Drag your mouse over the grid, selecting the number of columns and rows that you would like to have in your table.  For example, in the image below (click if you want to see a larger version), I have dragged over 3 columns, and two rows, to create a 3×2 table.  Thanks to live preview, you can see the resulting table IN REAL TIME as you move the mouse over the grid!  Very nice!
  4. Once you have decided on the number of rows and columns, click on the grid and the table will be inserted!

If you want to insert a table with more than 10 rows, or 10 columns, simply click on “Insert” on the Ribbon, then click on “Table”, and then click on “Insert Table”.  Using this dialog box you can specify exactly how many rows or columns you want.

Once you have created your table, it is very quick and simple to add a splash of colour to your table!

  1. Click on the table you have just created.  You will notice a new set of tabs appear in the Ribbon:
  2. Click on the “Table Styles” selector, and click on your favourite colourscheme:
  3. Sit back and enjoy your very attractive, very simple table in Word 2007!

So there you have it… Everything you really need to know to use tables in Word 2007.  Much faster than previous versions don’t you think!!!!!

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  1. Link that says “Start Word 2007 without the Splash Screen” brings me to this page. How do I disable the Splash Screen?

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