What is included in Microsoft Office Professional 2007?

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I am sure as soon as you thought about upgrading to Office 2007 and looked at the options available, you thought – “dang it, this is going to be hard work deciphering exactly what version (or SKU) of Office I should buy.” 

Well let me save you the hassle and let you know exactly what you are getting when you purchase Microsoft Office Professional 2007:

  • Word 2007
    For all your word processing / document reading and creation needs
  • Excel 2007
    For crunching the numbers
  • PowerPoint 2007
    For presenting information to your peers
  • Outlook 2007 (with Business Contact Manager)
    To keep in touch with your colleagues through email (and keep track of customer details using the Business Contact Manager)
  • Access 2007
    To build databases to store your important business data
  • Publisher 2007
    To produce professional looking documents, marketing collateral, reports, business cards, banners, signs, websites etc.
  • Accounting Express 2007
    To make managing the finances of your small business (or your EBay empire!) easy

There are two different versions of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 that you can buy.  The first is a full version of the product, which you need to buy if you do not currently have a version of Office on your computer. 

If you currently use Office on your computer, then you can purchase the UPGRADE version, which is a lot cheaper!

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