Making the transition to Office 2007 easy!

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Love to see comments like this one I received today!

“I love your website! You make changing to Office 07 much more better with all your tips and stuff. The way you say it makes me understand, and get the idea more better. Thanks!” – Michael, Houston, USA

Keep the comments coming, and let me know what you want me to write about.  I now have my hands on a RTM copy of Office 2007 Professional, so I will be pumping more Office 2007 Tips, Tricks and Tutorials in the coming weeks.



6 thoughts on “Making the transition to Office 2007 easy!

  1. Thanks for your website. I hate buying books to find out one little piece of info. that I can find out from someone for free. I really appreciate folks like you who spend the time to share your knowledge.

  2. i am a blidnperson and I use Z oomtext screen reader magnifier to access me computer I am now trying to use office 2007 but am finding it very confusing can you help me and other blind people to cope with office 2007

  3. Is it possible to set up an out of office assistant through a Proxy for someone?

    Also, my Outlook 2007 seems to automatically show an item read if I just put the cursor on it – any way to turn this off?


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