Printing in Word 2007

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Don’t worry!  Printing in Word 2007 is just as easy as in Word 2003… in fact it is even easier.

Where do I find the button to Print in Word 2007?

First – click on the Office Orb (the circle with the office logo in the top left hand corner of the screen… where you would have found file in Word 2003).

Second – move your mouse down to the ‘Print’ option.

Third – make your choice between ‘Print’, ‘Quick Print’, and ‘Print Preview’

What is the difference between Print, Quick Print, and Print Preview?

Good question!  Print is just like how print used to be in Word 2003.  Clicking on Print will display the print dialog box, where you can select things like the printer, the number of copies, and what pages you want to print.  Once you have selected all your options, you can click OK, and Word will send the document to the printer.

Quick Print will print one copy of the document with the default printing settings – so if you have more than one printer set up on your computer, it will print to the one you have marked as default.

Print Preview will display how the document would look if you were to print it on paper.  Print preview is a great way to check if your document will look as professional as you want it to look!

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20 thoughts on “Printing in Word 2007

  1. Is it possible to add your own favorite printers to the Print menu on the Office button? I often prints on two different printers and would like a Quick Print for both printers.

    // Johan

  2. I do not think so… default printer is set by the OS, and default number of default printers is one 🙂

    Maybe you could create your own custom Ribbon UI component which kicks off a print to another one of your favourite printers? Anyone up for a coding challenge? Let us know how you go!

  3. I am using Word 2007 and Outlook 2007. When printing I am unable to figure out how to print a single page out of a 4 page document. In previous versions of Word and Outlook there were options to “Print Current Page” and “Print Pages 2-3” Am I missing something?

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  5. When I go to open a new blank document, a document comes up that I have typed before. How do I eliminate that one and have a blank document to start a new file?

  6. Hi, am trying to print an A4 4 page document onto a single sheet double sided A3, how do I print 2 A4 pages side by side on A3? (Word 2007), Thanks.

  7. I have the same issue as above…To save ink I want to print only 1 page from a 20 page document….Current page or numbering the page does not seem to work with my canon printer. Unfortunately print all does seem to work!!!!!arghg!!!

  8. when trying to print i get a message “no printer installed”. i have a HP printer installed and sat as default.

  9. Under the Office Orb button in my version of 2007, the listing of Page set up,
    print or print preview do not show? Can this be corrected.

    Please help 🙁
    I keep on clicking Print, but it
    just keeps on saving printer files!! x_x

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