How to Superscript text in Word 2007

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The new Ribbon user interface makes it easy to do things like superscript text in Word 2007.  You no longer need to go searching through the Font dialog box to find the checkbox to do it.

On the ‘Home’ tab of the Ribbon, in the ‘Font’ group, you will find an ‘x’ with a ‘2’ in superscript beside it.  Select the text you want to superscript, then click this button!  Easy as that!

If you still can’t find it, here is a picture of where you can find superscript in the Ribbon.

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6 thoughts on “How to Superscript text in Word 2007

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  2. I want to ask a related question. Is it possible to find and replace “superscript” text only? I want to search for all my superscripted numbers in my paper, any way it can be done?

  3. Hi Anil,

    Sure is… go to your find dialog box (ctrl+f) and then hit the more button. Down the bottom hit format, then font. Select superscript in the dialog box.

    Hit find next… and you will be picking up all the superscripted text in your document.

    The New Paperclip 😉

  4. “The new Ribbon user interface makes it easy to do things like superscript text in Word 2007.”
    Really! Anytime I have to do anything with 2007, I have to google it! It should not be that difficult to figure out how to do things. I can’t believe anyone would claim this program to have made anything easier!
    This is truly a very poorly designed program! I would use open office, but unfortunately it isn’t compatible with EndNote

  5. Once one has superscript or subscript – how on earth do you get back to ordinary script. And I agree with Sara about the constant Googling!

  6. @SARA: Once you get used to Word 2007, you will work like a bullet. I know that first one month will be horrible for any person with Office 2003 background…

    @Ellie: If you select your superscript or subscript texts, under Home Ribbon, you will see that superscript or subscript button is being pressed. You have to click it once again to convert your super-scripted or sub-scripted text back to ordinary texts.

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