Managing Meetings with Groove 2007

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Groove 2007 is a fantastic tool to use to get closer to your customers, suppliers or colleagues.  I know that as more people understand exactly what you can achieve with Groove, it will take off like a wild fire.

One example of functionality which has definite business value is the ability to manage meetings.  Let me take you through a quick tutorial on how to use the meeting tool in Microsoft Office Groove 2007

1) Add the meeting tool to your workspace

In the common tasks section on the right hand side of your screen, there is an option to ‘Add Tools’.  Click on this, and then select the ‘Meetings’ tool from the list of tools presented.  Click ‘OK’

What you are presented with is a new tab in your Groove Workspace, called ‘Meetings’.  You can see what it looks like in the screen shot below.

From this view you can manage all the meetings you have with your collaboration partner (whether they be a customer, supplier, strategic partner or colleague)

2) Create a new meeting

To create a new meeting in Groove 2007, click on ‘New Meeting’ in the top left hand corner of the meeting tool.  Once you click new meeting, the ‘Meeting Wizard’ dialogue appears.

Simply fill in the specific details of the meeting, including the subject, start and finish times, the location, and the details of the meeting.  You can also attach files to the meeting by clicking on the paperclip in the bottom left hand corner of the wizard.  Click ok when you are finished.  Once you have created your meeting, you can then go back to the meeting tool and mange your meetings from there. 

3) Manage the meeting

From the meetings tool you can select your attendees for your meeting.  Attendees are only restricted to members of the workspace.  From the attendees tab, you can select who should attend the meeting, whether or not they are the chairperson or the minutes taker, and any notes you want to pass on to them.

From the meetings tool you can also manage the meeting agenda.  Select the agenda tab, then click ‘New Topic’.  From this dialog box you can add the subject for your agenda topic, the presenter, the duration and the details of the topic.  Again like the meeting itself, you can add files or other attachments using the paperclip in the bottom left hand corner of the box.

During your meeting, you can take minutes for each of your agenda items by clicking on the minutes tab.  Simply type the notes for each agenda item as you go.

Finally to manage the action items which come out of the meeting, click the actions tab, and add new action items as appropriate.


The best thing about the meetings tool in Groove 2007 is that everyone has the same record of the meeting and its outcomes, straight after the meeting (no need to wait for the secretary to send out the minutes after she/he types them up).  If you invite someone new into the workspace, they can see the history of all previous meetings as well.

One great example of removing the human latency out of collaboration!  Now that is business value!!!

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